Everything Explained Through Flowcharts

(Author, illustrator, and designer, Harper Collins, 2010.)

An insane book that I put an unbelievable amount of work into.

Everything Explained Through Flowcharts is packed with meticulously designed charts that trace the labyrinthine connections that order the universe, illuminate life's great mysteries, and cause eye strain in senior citizens. Swiss scientists at the prestigious University of Helsinki have said that Everything Explained Through Flowcharts is the closest thing there is to a working unified field theory, and have gone on to claim that they aren't Swiss, aren't scientists, and aren't sure whether or not Helsinki is in Switzerland. And yet the Swiss consulate has not denied that this book contains more than two hundred illustrations, forty mammoth charts, and innumerable supporting graphs and essays, including:

  • An illustrated matrix of WWF Finishing Moves

  • Heavy metal band names taxonomy

  • The noble art of zeppelin warfare

  • How to win any argument

  • Tragedy to comedy conversion chart

  • A creepy drawing of a baby skeleton

  • How to tell if you're an evil twin